Kim Dao Plans to Leave Japan

After about a year living in Japan because Kim Dao wanted to have the experience of living there, she decided to leave. Kim Dao wants to return home to  Australia . She expects to be with friends and family before she does some more traveling. Kim Dao plans to spend a week in South Korea and another seven weeks traveling through Europe. In the middle of her European trip, she will have to return to South Korea for a special project that will last a week.

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Kim Dao’s European trip will include visiting such cities as London, Prague, Florence, Denmark, and Berlin. She’ll probably add more cities to her agenda as the day to leave draws near. We’ll get to travel through Europe by way of Kim Dao’s vlogs. While in Europe, Dao plans to have meetups with her viewers who live in the European cities she’ll visit. Once she returns from her trip, Kim Dao will return to Korea. She’ll pack up the rest of her personal things and return to Australia for good. Dao plans to move into her own apartment with her boyfriend. Learn more:¬†


Dao doesn’t want to completely leave Japan behind and will visit there about once a year. The vblogger still wants to continue to demonstrate Japanese makeup for her viewers. Her move from Japan will be bittersweet because of all the friends Dao had met in Japan, who she credits for staying their as long as she did. Stay tuned for more exciting videos to come. Learn more:¬†