Julie Zuckerberg Leads in Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank

Most organizations, especially in the sector of finance, have key attention on selecting the best talent in the job market. While it may sound easy, recruitment calls for a keen eye to details like the demands of the hiring client. Julie Zuckerberg is a career executive who is talented with the right expertise to find the right talent for organizations. She has successfully worked with various organizations with the aim of acquiring the best talent for clients. Her efforts in selecting the right talent can be seen in her experience and her job group. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg is the lead talent recruiter and vice president of Deutsche Bank.




Julie’s career can be described as a long journey filled with vast experiences from executive job titles. Her success roots from her strong academic credentials. The alumnus of the City University of New York in Brooklyn College majored in philosophy. Julie advanced her education at the Law School of New York where she attained her degree in Doctor of Jurisprudence. This is a graduate entry in law. She developed an interest in recruitment after graduating college. Julie is passionate about training people how to monitor as well as acquire talent. From executive sourcing to interviewing skills, employee training, conflict resolution, and succession plan in addition to salary negotiation. Following her vast knowledge in tracking applicant’s systems, Julie Zuckerberg is a sure bet when it comes to executive talent acquisition. Her professionalism in the field of acquiring smart and hard working employees is unmatched.


Career History


Julie Zuckerberg’s career commenced at Hudson. She was in the lead director in charge of placement. She served the organization for approximately five years. This was between 2002 and 2007. Julie’s role at Hudson included being the head recruiter of paralegals, accountants as well as attorneys. She extended the same services to several organizations. Julie’s clients stemmed from not only large but small financial institutions. Many firms relied on her services. Clients approached her for conflict resolution.




When she left Hudson, Julie became part of Citi Global Functions. She was the executive recruiter as well as vice president. She was the head hunter of an executive department at Citi Global. Julie oversaw the recruitment of senior staff in various departments including auditing and legal compliance. She was in charge of recruiting the director as well as managing director of the firm. She was also in charge of recruiting consumer marketers. Through the implementation of innovative strategies, Julie landed a massive social media platform for recruitment. She used the platform for employee referrals, internet search as well as direct sourcing. Julie left Citi Global Functions in 2011. She then extended her services to Citi Global Consumer Bank.




Before Julie joined the Deutsche Bank, she worked at New York Life Insurance. She was in charge of recruitment division. Her roles at Deutsche Bank including recruitment in global technology as well as operations, dealing with commercial clients and controlling private wealth. She is also in charge of managing professional recruiters. Julie Zuckerberg uses her best practices in head hunting. She is highly recognized in the industry of recruitment.