Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies is a leading company in the assimilation of technology solutions. Securus Technologies has more than 20 years of business solutions that make it better for advanced technology solutions in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies is also regarded as the leading company when it comes to modernizing the inmate experience. This is perhaps the reason why they have been adopted on a massive scale in the industry. Since the company started operating in the inmate industry, they have achieved better business to cover more than 70 federal and state prison setups in and out of the United States. This is a clear indication that their solutions are working for the benefit of the inmate industry.


JPay Company is one of the few firms that assimilate the most sophisticated business capabilities when it comes to advanced solutions. If you are seeking to achieve the most secure digitized payment option in the inmate industry, you will choose JPay Company as its reputation precedes their services. For this reason, the company has worked its way to grow their business solutions for more than four years. Since the company commenced its business in the inmate industry, many firms have approached them for business growth. However, JPay is still the leader when it comes to the development of correctional and entertainment applications in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies has always admired the services offered by JPay Company for more than two decades. Perhaps this is the reason why they decided to advance their business solutions in a manner that depicts their true leadership position. JPay Company has always believed in their will for better business. This is the reason why they seized the opportunity presented to them by Securus Technologies. The acquisition will render Securus Technologies as one of the fastest growing companies in and out of the United States correctional facilities.