Gregory Aziz And His Journey So Far With National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, the CEO and President of National Steel Car is a leader with a vision. He has spent over 24 years with this company, toiling to help it excel all while emphasizing on the importance of quality. He acquired the company by buying it from Dofasco 24 years ago, and since then he has spent numerous long days ensuring that this Ontario company become the leading supplier of railroad hauling freight vehicles for Northern America.



The operations of National Steel Car is based at Hamilton, and with Gregory J Aziz as the leader, the company has attained various certifications and accolades. As a firm believer in quality, work ethics, and following best practices at work, he has ensured that his establishment reaches great heights of success. This firm is one of the few to be certified and re-certified as an ISO 9001:2008 facility as well as consequently holding the recognition title of the TTX SECO award.



When this company was bought over by Greg James Aziz, the work force was limited to a few hundred employees, however, now the workforce is strengthened and backed up by over 3,000 staff members. The production of cars when purchased was significantly lower as well, yet, as of 1992, the total output per year has reached 12,000 vehicles. Greg Aziz believes with conviction that Hamilton is the city that supported him when he chose to set up operations of Nation Steel Cars here, thus he has continually been hiring the residents of this town in an attempt to give back to the community. He also actively engages in various projects through the form of funding to aid in the development of the community within Ontario. One of the initiatives started by him is the food truck, which is run and operated by both the past and the current staff that works with the firm.



This firm with the endless efforts of Gregory J Aziz provides a wide range of freight vehicle parts and components to clients. This establishment also offers an extensive range of aftermarket part components to their clientele, some of these elements include fulcrum brackets, brake piping, trucks and wheels sets, body bolsters and handholds as well as ladder rounds. All the parts created by National Steel Car are designed using the highest industry standards, and Greg Aziz has made it his mission to ensure that only the best parts built with specialized materials are supplied to clients. See Related Link for more information.