Jeremy Goldstein, a well-known business lawyer, gave his thoughts on the best way to compensate employees in any company. This is with the condition of looking to retain them and ensure that they are satisfied and still work for the good of the company that they are employed in. Employees in the current times when there are opportunities which are so much sought for, need to be watched and handled well because just like their employers they seek to benefit from their ventures.


According to Goldstein, companies should first revise their various compensation programs for reasons such as the fact that stock values may drop at any time and this may be a problem for the employees since they will lose the value of their investment. Secondly, low economic moments may make all available options of little or no value. Finally, the accounting problems that will arise from the compensation plan could see the company lose more.


There are still a few benefits of the normal compensation plans that companies are currently working with says, Jeremy Goldstein. It is easier for the employees to understand their various stock options as they stand, the options could improve their benefits. Also, value of the stocks and employees could rise as they seek to make the company’s profits more so that they don’t lose their investments.


Goldstein’s advice to companies is to embrace the correct strategies in order to minimize the initial and current costs as well as to reduce the overhang costs. This is where the knockout strategy comes in. The knockout strategy has nowadays been embraced by many corporations, and this is mainly because of its efficiency. It has worked and served them for well over the years.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates LLC. Thi company provides advice to businesses and corporations on their compensation plans for employees. This also includes CEOs and management teams.


Jeremy is the chair of the merger and acquisition subcommittee of the executive companies Committee of the American bar association business section. He has also overseen some of the largest corporate transactions in the last ten years.


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