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Roberto Santiago Brings Entertainment to Paraiba, Through the Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is the real definition of rising from grass to grace. For those who know him now, but don’t know his history, it would be really difficult to imagine that he once worked as a waiter at the café Santa Rosa. Even with his good education, he was humble enough to work at any job, but remained focused to his vision. He knew that one day he wanted to be a successful businessman and everything he did ensured that he was guaranteed of a successful future in business.


He studied at the Pio X-Marist College. Later on he attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa and undertook a business administration course. This education would come in handy when he first started working. It would give him the foundation he needed to venture into the real world of business.


As an employee of Café Santa Rosa, Roberto Santiago started saving. He would later come to use the savings in opening a cartonage business. By then, he had gained adequate experience in running a business. Therefore, it was pretty easy for him to adapt as an entrepreneur. His cartonage business did outrageously well in supplying cartons to packaging companies and by the year 1979, he had saved enough money to buy him a land in Joao Pessoa, his home town.


Two years after purchasing the land, the development of the Manaira Shopping complex was completed. The Manaira Shoping Mall is currently the largest mall in Paraiba and one of the most successful malls in the country. This mall has undergone over 5 expansions to date, rendering it a state-of-the-art mall with shopping, restaurant, banking and entertainment facilities.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is not your average shopping mall. In fact, the people of Paraiba consider it to be a mini city. This is because there is almost everything that you need- all in one place. It has a bank so that you can do all your banking transactions. And, there is even a college in the mall- Higher Education of Paraiba.


For entertainment, there are lots of activities to be enjoyed at the Manaira shopping mall. There is a huge gaming room containing a video gaming arcade and a total of over 200 games. Also, the gaming area has a bowling alley, so you know you will not be bored.


At Manaira shopping mall, there are 11 cinema rooms. Three of these cinemas are VIP. So, it accommodates even the high profile clients. The cinemas have a wide assortment of movies, which are shown in 3D. And, the arm chairs are comfortable enough to allow you enjoy your movie in without the need for a break. Also, they are arranged in a stadium style to give you the best view.